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New Year! New Programming!

Hello! It's been a hectic holiday season here at Callowhill Archery, but we're once again, thankful and humbled by all the support! We're happy to announce the start of our youth program for Winter 2022! Based on suggestions and feedback from our community, we've put together a 4 week program that teaches not only the fundamentals of archery, but also historical and modern applications of archery. This program is designed to provide youth with an interactive and exciting way of getting into recreational archery and hopefully prepare them for a lifelong hobby.

In additional to the youth program, we are happy to announce the completion of our second range space! The support and feedback over the last two months have given us a major boost in completing the space! We are considering hosting an opening event for the second range, but that may be postponed due to current restrictions and caution.

Finally, a few more brief announcements! We participated in the PA Bridal and Wedding Expo at the beginning of the month, and we’re excited to be planning and developing ideas for unique bachelor and bachelorette parties! If you or any of your friends are interested, please reach out to our event planner to get more details on planning, catering, and more!

As usual, we want to share a few photos from our December classes:

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