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Improve Your Focus and Coordination With Archery Right in the Heart of Philly

Philly Live’s Sheila Watko shoots her shot at Philadelphia’s indoor archery range Callowhill Archery.


Callowhill Archery targets indoor fun and hits the bullseye

Callowhill Archery offers lessons for people as young as 8, and also rents archery lanes and equipment by the hour for those with experience.


Things to do Near the Pennysylvania Convention Center

In town for a convention? Here's what to check out near the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


At his parents’ former tofu factory, he runs the city’s only indoor archery range

Two years after picking up a bow and arrow for the first time, Yuan Jie Wen founded Callowhill Archery.


Callowhill Archery: Local archery range aims to make everyone a pro shooter

Located on North 12th Street, Calllowhill Archery welcomes people of all ages to put their archery skills to the test through target shooting and more.


Best of Philly Spotlight: 5 Out-of-the-Box Date Nights

Forget dinner and a movie — try dinner and a blowtorch! Shake up your date nights with these Best of Philly winners.


Best of Philly 2022 Daring Date

Make like Cupid and take aim with Callowhill Archery’s “Love and War” date-night package. This 90-minute tryst includes intro-to-archery lessons and some games to inspire a little friendly competition. Bull’s-eye!


Callowhill Archery opens behind The Rail Park, offering Philly a chance to discover bow and arrow

There’s a therapeutic element to the sport, says the neighborhood native who launched the indoor range.

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