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What is callowhill archery?

Who we are?

A premiere indoor archery range located in the heart of Philadelphia. We offer a number of classes, events, and unique experiences for both locals and visitors alike. Check out our latest updates in Press.

Image by Dan Mall

Covid-19 Safety?

We will do our upmost to adhere to safety guidelines set by the city. All rental equipment and range materials will be sanitized before each session and instructors will be required to wear face covering.

Can I bring my kids?

We are happy to announce that we are working on a youth program in the coming weeks! Currently ages 11 and up are eligible to take our base class.

Image by Dan Mall

Food and Drinks?

We will allow food and drinks at designated areas in the space! However, we have a strict policy against alcohol and drugs. If staff sees anyone unfit to shoot, they will be asked to sit out.

...But what about Happy Hour?

We love Happy hour! But we greatly value the safety of our customers! That's why we're working with local bars and breweries to offer exclusive deals for your after party! :)

Image by Dan Mall

Where are we located?

We're located at 446 N. 12th street in the Callowhill area.
Click for Google Maps!


How can I get in touch with your events team?

Reach out to our event planner on our contact page!

Image by Chris Henry

Is archery safe?

Our instructors have been trained to keep your safety as a priority. However, we do require each guest to agree to a waiver before each session.

Afterschool programs?

We are working with local schools and universities to establish a youth program for Philadelphia. If you're interested in getting involved, please reach out on our contact page!

Open Range Rules

We do offer open range times, however, because every range can be different, we require you to take one general or training package before booking an open lane! ​

What about my own equipment?

We want our archers to be as excited about the range as we are, but we do have some restrictions about bows allowed on our range. 

  • Max 50lb draw weight limit! 

  • No Crossbows! 

Any ​other considerations will be up to management.

Image by Daniel ODonnell
Image by Dan Mall

Driving directions:


There are both street parking as well as an affordable parking lot within walking distance of the range on 12th and Callowhill, right past the Rail Park. 

Other nearby venues:

We're located right between Spring Garden and Chinatown, offering great options for food and entertainment before and after your time at the range.  

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